Have you ever wondered why some people are just effortless winners in anything they put their minds to while others struggle to no end?

From: Sean Clouden
Wednesday: 1:17PM

If you’re looking for an easy way to ignite your potentials in any subject or activity, then read every word in this letter. You’re about to see how to quickly get “the edge” in school, business, hobbies and any other undertaking.


Because you’re about to learn the simple science of unlocking your ability to learn and do anything...something that could literally change your life.

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I’m talking about a proven system that:

Big claims? Absolutely. But I’ll prove that The Power of Words is NOT some "new age fad.” It’s based on real science and is so obvious once you understand it that you’ll wonder why you were never taught this in school.

But first, let me share the story of how The Power of Words came to be...


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"You need to get it if you want to control your future and take advantage of the KNOWLEDGE available to all of us. Your future success is only limited to the amount of action you take, and the amount of action you take is only limited to how secure you are in what you understand."

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Sales expert and author


I recently attended a high-end business summit and one of the featured guest speakers had already wasted an agonizing thirty-three minutes of our time. As I looked around the room, I saw row after row of blank stares and glaring, white computer screens.

Everyone had their trusty word processors open, ready to fill them with the nuggets of wisdom they had paid $2,000 to gain access to. And the screens were empty. Even the most note-happy attendees had only a few lonely paragraphs to show.

The speaker rambled on. He had a PhD. He was the expert’s expert. We were all supposed to bask in his wisdom and realize how to transform our businesses with his great insights.

Well, I think the most insightful thing most attendees learned was how to transform their daydreams into silly doodles.

See, this PhD broke all the rules:

I could go on but I couldn’t really blame the guy. The reality is…

I know that sounds unfair, but we all know it’s true. Regardless of how good people’s intentions are and how expert they are in their fields, most are really bad at breaking knowledge down and making it easily digestible for others.

The speaker at the summit was a very intelligent man, but he was horrible at conveying his knowledge and experiences in a way that everyone could follow. I’ll bet that not a single one of the 200 attendees put anything into action from that talk.

How many times have you tried to learn something only to wind up lost and confused? I think we’ve all run into people whose teaching methods just didn’t agree with us and we struggled because of it. We’ve all read books that just didn’t make sense and that we couldn’t apply.

Think of a goal you want to achieve right now.

Make more money? Grow your business? Get better grades? Learn an instrument?

As you know, in order to accomplish that goal you’re going to have to learn. You’re going to have to read books, do courses, listen to lectures, get coaching…various forms of learning from others.

Well, it’s been said that learning has three different levels:

Level 1: Gaining Insight

Level 2: Taking Action

Level 3: Transformation

First you have to understand something intellectually and form ideas about how it can be used or related to other things. Then you have to put it into action and get feedback in the real world. Only then, after much insight and action, can you transform yourself in that area or activity and enjoy permanent benefits.

Without insight, you won’t be able to take the right actions. Without taking the right actions, you won’t be able to realize long-term changes or results.

So how cans you easily gain insight into anything, formulate powerful, effective actions and thus effortlessly transform yourself in any area or activity?

That’s the subject of The Power of Words and this incredible knowledge was handed to me many years ago…

Those were my fiery last words as I slammed my high school calculus book shut over ten years ago.

I was a straight-A student who was two years ahead of the curriculum but I just couldn’t get calculus, and it was driving me NUTS. Being the “must be the best” type, I had spent countless hours ripping my hair out trying to make sense of it all. I worked with a tutor and it helped, but I still couldn’t get my grades where I wanted them.

I Was Suffering From the "Four Plagues of Learning":

The First Plague:

Confusion was the first to strike. It just wasn’t making sense to me. I spent hours trying to wrap my mind around it but it just wouldn’t click.

The Second Plague:

“Overwhelmed” is how I could describe my tutoring experience. The tutor kept throwing different angles and information at me and I was just spinning.

The Third Plague:

Frustration was high. I was the “star student”…what the hell was going on? Why couldn’t I learn and apply this information?

The Fourth Plague:

Disappointment was settling in. I was my worst critic and this “catastrophe” did NOT go over well with me.

Whenever you’re trying to learn or do something new, these plagues are caused by a deadly, hidden TRAP that swallows up at least 90% of the people out there.

This trap can prevent you from succeeding in any undertaking regardless of how badly you want it and how much time and effort you’re willing to put in to get there. It makes learning things and taking immediate effective action at least TEN times harder than it should be.

Quite frankly, it’s like an invisible, 500-pound ball and chain wrapped around you that brings you to your knees whenever you try to learn and do something new.

I started with a new tutor and she took a very different approach than the others. One that seemed also too simple to work…

She started by addressing the WORDS of calculus. What did “calculus” actually mean? “Limit,” “function,” “derivative,” “integral”…what did these words REALLY mean and how did they relate to each other? And I’m talking real understanding—not a superficial “fake it until you make it” understanding.

If you are feeling confused just reading them, don’t feel bad. That’s where I was at. I had made MAJOR wrong assumptions about what I truly knew and what I didn’t.

The first thing I realized: I was confused about WORDS and therefore the entire SUBJECT seemed confusing.

It was my first “ah-a!” Duh! Of course!

This tutor then took it light years further by teaching me an ingenious, comprehensive SYSTEM she had learned that enables you to tap into the power of words in ANY area or subject. It was incredibly easy to use and was simply brilliant.

Before she taught me this system, she gave me quite an eye-opener by showing the deep history behind it.

Since the times of ancient Greece, great thinkers, writers, philosophers, scientists and leaders have understood and used the power of words to solve great mysteries, discover universal truths and bring enlightenment to the world.

"The beginning of wisdom is a definition of terms."

Greek philosopher, one of greatest of all time

"Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men."

Deeply influential Chinese philosopher

"The investigation of the meaning of words is the beginning of education."

Greek philosopher and student of the great Socrates

"Words for a distinguished style are impossible without having produced and shaped the thoughts, and no thought can shine clearly without the enlightening power of words."

-Marcus Cicero
Famous Roman philosopher, lawyer and politician

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There are a dozen more of these insights and whole explanations behind them (which you’ll find in the book!), but I think you get the idea.

I clearly remember thinking:

All you need to know right now is that the power of words is as real as gravity and it’s either working FOR you or AGAINST you … and it punishes those who don’t understand it.

"If you invest the short time it takes to read, understand and apply the basic principles in this book, there is little doubt you will be a much bigger success than you otherwise would have been.

"There truly is POWER in words…”

Doug Dohring
Founder of NeoPets.com and CEO of the Dohring Company

Your ability to rapidly and effectively learn and then immediately transform your understanding into powerful real-world results is what will determine your success in any area of your life.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do,” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the legendary German writer widely considered as one of the most important thinkers in Western culture.

In school they simply threw information at us and demanded that we pass tests. But what good is that in the real world? You can’t get a promotion or build a business by passing tests. You have to be able to make things happen with what you’ve learned.

Years ago, a university conducted a study that delved into the factors of success. The researchers analyzed salespeople who were earning more than $250,000 per year in sales, and they considered many different factors. After much research, however, they found these successful people had one key thing in common. What was it?

Speed of implementation.

What is “speed of implementation”? Well, it’s simply the time between the moment you hear or learn about something and the moment you put it into action.

This study found that these successful people would get an idea and immediately put it in action to find out whether it worked. They were fanatical with their speed of implementation, and they made a lot of money operating this way.

As Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

Successful people waste no time in doing things. They take swift, effective action and get results.

Unsuccessful people get lost in confusions and frustrations. They THINK about taking action and rarely get around to DOING it. They suffer failures when they try to apply. They get discouraged easily and QUIT.

But it’s not their fault!

The sad fact is if you don’t have the skills taught in this $15 book, you can end up flushing THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours down the toilet trying to learn, and SUFFER from the frustrations of failure!

I've Heard Enough! Let Me At It!

"I enjoyed reading your book, The Power of Words. Truly understanding what is taught in it does indeed allow one to 'look through the magic window.' To stumble on words we do not know and do not strive to understand compromises our opportunities to learn.

"The fact is, learning and gaining wisdom and power is more than opening a book and scanning words. Finding the real meaning is an interactive process that requires tools, and close by, human sources of meaning.

"I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain a fresh insight into, and ultimately control of, a power that surrounds and affects us all."

Alfonso Paredes, MD
Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA School of Medicine

"I’m more excited about learning than I thought possible.

"When I saw the title of the book I thought I knew what I was in for. I was so wrong! This book brings together incredible data from many authors, philosophers, and historians on the subject of words and just how powerful they really are.. and why. I want more!

"After this read I am definitely looking further into this!”

Joy Gendusa
CEO of PostcardMania, Inc. and Inc 500 Recipient

"Good communication is the key to building a successful business and words are the key to good communication.

"Sean Clouden gets it right in 'The Power of Words'"

Richard Haddrill
CEO of Bally Technologies, Inc.

"The Power of Words was an incredible learning experience for me.

"As a co-owner of a management training company I have seen first-hand how a client can get hung up on a word or words and seemingly paralyze right there. We would find his ability to apply what he has learned and slowed or stopped. Hours are sometimes spent trying to get the client to be able to ‘figure out’ what he was studying so that he can apply his training.

"By using the data in the Power of Words my staff can now quickly identify precisely what he did not fully understand, clear it up and magically he can now apply what he has learned. The client is happy, his organization expands and he too recognizes the Power of Words.

"Thank you so much for this simple and powerful book."

Shaun Kirk
Co-Founder of Measurable Solutions, Inc.

"Your book is simply essential for any person who needs or wants to communicate more effectively or to help others do so.

"I can't imagine that anyone of any age or position, anywhere, could not benefit from your book personally or professionally. My personal vision and mission is a world in excellent communication for meaningful cooperation; so I am impressed and will promote it to every person I know in every country I have clients and friends.

"Thank you for such a valuable contribution to improving the world!"

Kristin Tomczak
CEO of Governing Principles, Inc.

Think of something meaningful that you REALLY wanted to achieve, that you seriously put your mind to and, in the end, failed to accomplish.

Make sure you’ve thought of something with real significance—a goal that really meant something to you.

Now…can you imagine what things would be like today if you had in fact achieved your original vision? Picture if you had been able to smoothly assimilate the necessary information with no confusions and then systematically go about making your goal a reality.

How do you think that would’ve affected your life?

In profound ways, I’m sure.

What about your current goals…wouldn’t it be electrifying to know with certainty that you will be able to systematically learn, apply and get results that push you closer and closer to those goals?

By the end of this book, you’ll have the formula for this certainty—all you’ll have to do is USE it.

Now, you may be thinking at this point that…

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical of anyone making these kinds of promises. Trust me, I understand—I’m the biggest cynic I know.

But listen, I’m not asking you to “put your faith in me.” I’m not selling some magical “quick fix.” This is a true “nuts and bolts,” “in the trenches” system that will make immediate sense to you once you’ve learned it, and will deliver immediate results once you’ve applied it.

This has NOTHING to do with "changing your mind and changing your life."

This has NOTHING to do with speed reading, IQ exercises or memorization tricks.

This has NOTHING to do with harnessing your “subconscious mind.”

This has NOTHING to do with “attracting” or “manifesting” knowledge or ability.

Now, I'm not even saying those types of things are bad. I'm just saying that my book isn't about any of them. The information I teach actually has its roots in ancient Greece, it was formed by thousands of years of great thinkers and now it has been refined into an exact, practical science.

I'm Ready to Learn How to Unlock My Potentials! Give Me the Book!

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in The Power of Words:

The groundbreaking research of a Harvard graduate and university professor that revealed the best single predictor of your success in any area of your life. This will really make you think… (Page 11)

A MAJOR HIDDEN BARRIER to learning anything and how to crumble it. (Page 84)

The incredibly powerful step-by-step system developed by one of the most prolific writers and philosophers of the 20th century that empowers you to IMMEDIATELY overcome confusion and gain a CRYSTAL-CLEAR understanding of anything. This is worth 10 times the book’s price alone. (Page 30)

The REAL cause of stupidity in any area, subject or activity and how to systematically increase your intelligence. (Page 32)

The “common denominator” of high-six-figure earners and how you can follow in their footsteps. Isaac Newton was a big believer in this too. (Page 6)

The key piece of knowledge that allows you to achieve “conceptual understanding”—the state necessary before you can take any effective action in any field. (Page 29)

How to tap into the power of words to literally awaken your inner GENIUS. This is the only REAL way to get there. (Page 19)

How to become "superliterate" and reap the incredible rewards. (This goes way beyond "knowing a lot of words.")(Page 101)

And much more...

YES SEAN! I'm Ready to Unlock My Ability to Learn and Do Anything!

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Imagine if you could enthusiastically jump into any subject or activity, effortlessly absorb the information, fully understand everything and then calmly, confidently apply it and get INSTANT results that speak for themselves.

So, for the price of a pizza dinner you will have all of the information you need to jump full force into increasing your intelligence, abilities and competence.

Make the choice…buy a pizza…eat it today…or learn from some of history’s greatest minds how to unlock your ability to learn and do anything and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Go for it,

Sean Clouden

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